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Dining Out With Comedienne Joy is the #1 TV Food Show in Central Alabama that highlights local places to eat and products made in Alabama. This show has caused customers to immediately stop for some good eats at restaurants featured on the show as soon as it’s aired. Some restaurants have noticed a spike in new customers up to 30% with one segment. Comedienne Joy has a way of making viewers very hungry and wanting to try whatever she’s tasting. Viewers also trust her taste buds and often reach out to her for food recommendations. As one restaurant owner said he in his testimonial, “You would be crazy if you did not get your business featured on Dining Out With Comedienne Joy.”


  • 5-6 minute Food Network style video

  • 6-10 Minute Live Radio Interview

  • Links of Segments

  • Facebook Live Video

  • Food Events


  • 100% of restaurants saw immediate RESULTS after segment aired

  • 60% of restaurants experienced steady business increase of 30%

  • Cost effective way to showcase your business in 23 Alabama counties on television

  • 10k+ viewers tune in each week

  • Guaranteed to bring in new customers

  • Viewers trust Comedienne Joy's critique


Joy was a HUGE help for our recent Sweet & Salty Takeover event. She not only did a video before the event, but was also a major player during the actually event. Her videos and social media posts helped us reach more people. I know that whenever I do an event with Joy, it’s sure to be a success!

Jeralyn Powell, JP Marketing LLC, Birmingham, AL

Thank you so much for coming by to have lunch with us at Davis Drug Snack Bar! You were awesome and very professional on the video clips and radio show. It was fun seeing everything play out and the video you put together was awesome! That was the coolest experience being on the radio and ya’ll having me on during your segment.  It was quite the honor. I would definitely recommend having Joy come out for any event! She was awesome and a blast! Thank you!

Treadwell Davis, Co-Owner Davis Drug Co., Columbiana, Alabama

Being on your show brought in more customers than radio. Our business has increased by 30%.

American Ranch House, Corneilus, Executive Chef

We had a customer drive 2 hours to try our burger after the show.

Big Daddy Burgers, Jacqueline, Owner

We thank God for this opportunity for building us a platform of higher levels. Cassandra King (Comedienne Joy) is the greatest. Walking by faith.

Eddie Dawson, Wing-a-Fish

I loved the way Joy was very detailed in showing every aspect of our business.

CakeArt, Cynthia, Owner

I saw immediate results at my food truck and have seen new customers weeks later.

Little Bit of R&R, Colt, Owner