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I'm just thinking about missing scans , there's no way this game can make a come back with all the missing scans , there's hundreds of them that were scanned and now generic. He said World Cup revenue supports FIFA’s 211 members and 75% could not sustain operations without the money. sports appears to be quite a reach. Thats how it works man, licenses, money, etc.05) has greater benefits than the Standard Edition (€67


Unless EA know that people will see (which we’ve all just seen) so they upload it closer to the time to make more of a moment?

We also know that Brentford hasn’t been added so there could be more I guess when Brentford’s Stadium is added.

Roll on beta in 2 weeks so we can finally see who's scanned100% agreed - aside from a proper career mode overhaul, new faces are my main asset to look out for.. Hope for way better in FIFA 22, i guess it cant be worse

@BringIT man we can have many more from the list above.

I'm not expecting much, but I'm reserving judgement until the actual beta, hopefully this week

.Instead, Nashville's bid caught a stray blow from the timing of rapidly evolving discussions about a new stadium, thus giving FIFA a reason to look elsewhere.

The two Milan will have scans, I hope from the start of the game. Motivating players to work hard for the team and work as a unit is harder than ever for managers at top teams, as aspects like the amount of money that players are earning through sponsorships, social media criticism, and prying agents can all impact a player's performances and make it hard for the manager to get through to them.

Expect many more players to lose their scans in fifa 22 even more than in fifa 21.

Stay about the cover center, you can experiment with this, you can maybe have a balance on one of the DM's or balance on both the ms, you can just experiment in FIFA 22 352, both DMS on balance, but in a FIFA 22 4231 custom tactics, a bit more secure, stay back on both cover center as well now on the three attacking fields again come back on all three, you might see this as being a bit defensive, but it's just the fortune is a formation that is very solid


“The interactive gaming and esports sector is on a path of unrivalled growth and diversification. A glance at the full-back roster alone is enough to get mouths watering, with elite-level talent plentiful across the squad., Mexico and Canada, there already were winners and losers Thursday: Atlanta, Houston, Miami, Philadelphia, Seattle and Kansas City, Missouri, were among the cities picked after missing out on hosting the 1994 tournament.Finally the forwards – to which Arsenal at the moment do not have many. All the other faces they do in DLC are custom faces by artists, and they look amazing

.. Especially for players with a high overall rating or a high potential in the game. Both New York City and New Jersey had submitted a joint bid to host matches at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N. Last year we got the Portuguese teams, Marseille, Lyon, Psv, some Mexican team and some of premier league. in FIFA 23 could significantly improve the series' gameplay

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