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Hello! I'm Comedienne  Joy!


I’m Comedienne Joy, The Queen of Clean. I have three great passions in life: food, travel and comedy! I can leave you laughing in your seats or ready to pull up a chair at a restaurant. Yes, my commentary is just that persuasive. We all know that when people are planning their trip, where to eat is at the top of the list.

That is why I created the Eat. Drink. Ride. Food Tour. Experience Birmingham, Alabama through it's amazing foodie scene with brunch & evening Food Tours on a luxury party bus. We will go and sample some of the local amazing places from my show and beyond. 


When I'm not entertaining crowds from the stage, I'm doing it through my food blog: Dining Out with Joy. I'll review a meal in such  detail that you'll feel like dropping everything you are doing at that very moment just to drive on down to the restaurant to get your own plate. My buzz is positive and fun, which keeps people returning to my blog time after time. Most people tell me I make them broke trying to keep up with the delicious food they see me eating.


As a food tour operator and blogger, I feature new restaurants, quirky dining spots, food festivals, and products made in Alabama and beyond.


Bham Now
"Meet the Birmingham entrepreneurs who won an award from THE Beyoncé"

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