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Sunday Brunch Troup's Pizza make you pray for choices

Typically brunch is simple right? Eggs, bread and some type of meat for us carnivores! But the menu at Troup's Pizza located in Cahaba Heights in The Heights shopping center is heavenly. You have choices such as this PB &Egg this is pictured below to beignets and a variety of pizzas. This PB&Egg is a tender grilled pork belly with arugula, pickled onions & an egg with a sweet glazed on a toasted foccacia bun. It is not only mouthwatering but filling. It comes with a side salad or house made sweet potato chips. The PB&Egg is a regular staple on the menu. These pics are making me count down until Sunday! However when I went back last Sunday, they added a chicken sandwich. This was a fried chic

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