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There's nothing like a big, juicy, mouthwatering burger, especially when it's made with high quality meat that's served at Smiley Brother's Specialty Foods. They're a butcher shop that has meals to go, deli sandwiches & wine. Smiley Brother's can also cater your next event with a variety of deli trays and gigantic chocolate chip cookies. Follow them on facebook for their upcoming chef dinners and cheese and wine tastings. Centerpoint has a new soul food spot since Zatie's Southern Cuisine has opened. They have a steam table Sunday through Friday that has comfort foods like neckbones, hamburger steak & liver and onions. The mac and cheese is the owner's secret recipe that he likes to keep und

My favorite Chicken dishes

I love chicken so much that sometimes I wonder if I need counseling! But I found out I could get my beloved fried chicken in a taco, I wanted to start twerking! Tostadas in Homewood is famous for their flat tacos, but the folded taco with fried chicken strips, pico, and the ranch dressing was #JoyApproved! Tostadas also has a new menu for Vegans. This was the fried avocado with black beans & corn. It wasn't bad if I were a vegan, but since I'm a proud meatarian, that was the one item missing! You can also get that taco in a salad . I've been enjoying working my way around the menu at Red Sea Ethiopian & Mediterranean Restaurant. This dish above is called Duerowetz which is a fall of the bone

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