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My favorite Chicken dishes

I love chicken so much that sometimes I wonder if I need counseling! But I found out I could get my beloved fried chicken in a taco, I wanted to start twerking! Tostadas in Homewood is famous for their flat tacos, but the folded taco with fried chicken strips, pico, and the ranch dressing was #JoyApproved!

Tostadas also has a new menu for Vegans. This was the fried avocado with black beans & corn. It wasn't bad if I were a vegan, but since I'm a proud meatarian, that was the one item missing! You can also get that taco in a salad .

Red Sea Ethopian Duerowetz

I've been enjoying working my way around the menu at Red Sea Ethiopian & Mediterranean Restaurant. This dish above is called Duerowetz which is a fall of the bone chicken leg served with a boil egg baked in a rich, savory sauce. This is perfect for dipping the injeria in. Injeria is Ethiopian bread that you eat your meal. It is the same concept we Southerners called sopping! Of course this is also the Joy way of eating!

Veggie Platter at Red Sea

Red Sea also offers a Vegan Night every Wednesday with an additional 20% off.

Chicken Saltenboca Mikey's Grill @Fox Valley

If you love mushrooms, a cheesy cream sauce on top of a grilled chicken breast, then you will absolutely love Chicken Salenboca from Mikey's at Fox Valley. They're located on Highway 17 in Maylene (Where Alabaster & Helena connects).

This is truly a dish when I say the food is so good, it makes you want to lie down!!! Now you can get this dish at the Maylene location & Mikey's Grill in Hoover.

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