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Hot Dogs, Boozy Shakes & Ethiopian Food

Sometimes, I have to put my chicken down and go for a sandwich option and that would be my guilty pleasure at Tony's Hotdogs in Pelham, Alabama. Not only is it just a hotdog, but it is a fully loaded with the works junkyard dog that I always crave and scarf down. Well at the end of October they will be 25 years old and you can celebrate in the fun with their original dogs that will be $1! But Tony's has also rolled out something that is delicious and that is their burger wraps. That is their hand rolled freshly made hamburger topped any way you like a regular burger, but toasted in a tortilla wrap. That warm cheese and outside crunch makes it the perfect hand held sandwich and is somewhat he

Hangover Burgers & Chicken and Waffles, #Delish

Sometimes having too many menu choices can be overwhelming, but when you eat at Five Birmingham, in the Lakeview District, you only have 5 food and drink options to choose from. They were quiet popular for their Sunday brunch, but now you can enjoy those same 5 delicious brunch options on Saturday! The fried chicken really does taste my mom made it! The breakfast burrito has everything you ever wanted for breakfast except the grits. They also have a bottomless Bloody Mary Bar during brunch. If you're in the Crestwood area and craving some chicken livers, gizzards, Indian Cuisine or vegan options like wraps, you need to stop in at Birmingham's 1st Chester's Chicken location. They're next to

Tacos, Pizza, Burger Sushi

Nothing like some comfort food to satisfy a real foodie like myself. In your mind, you want something healthy, but when you see an almost 3 foot tall dish of food come out of the kitchen, that thought goes out the window! This dish above is from the Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar. It is great for those who may not be into sushi, but loves bbq! It's topped with coleslaw, bbq in a sweet sauce that's flash fried with a mountain of shoe string potato fries called a burgushi roll...that is translated OMG, amazing, don't ask me for any because you can order your own goodness! Now if that dish is too tall for you, maybe you want a pile high bowl of nachos from Diablo's SouthWest Grill. They're located in

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