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Hot Dogs, Boozy Shakes & Ethiopian Food

Sometimes, I have to put my chicken down and go for a sandwich option and that would be my guilty pleasure at Tony's Hotdogs in Pelham, Alabama. Not only is it just a hotdog, but it is a fully loaded with the works junkyard dog that I always crave and scarf down. Well at the end of October they will be 25 years old and you can celebrate in the fun with their original dogs that will be $1!

But Tony's has also rolled out something that is delicious and that is their burger wraps. That is their hand rolled freshly made hamburger topped any way you like a regular burger, but toasted in a tortilla wrap. That warm cheese and outside crunch makes it the perfect hand held sandwich and is somewhat healthier than a traditional burger. Now don't get scared when you go at lunch time and see the line out the door. All of the food is cooked to order, but the line moves quickly. Happy Birthday Tony's Hotdogs and thanks for being the sponsor of the Bham Eat Drink Ride Food Tours!

Since partnering with Flip Burger Boutique in the Summit, I realize they're more than burgers! They have gourmet shakes that are kid friendly, but if you want to let your hair down, you can get it boozy! Their menu not only burgers, but wings, fried green tomatoes and fried pickles. Stop in and let them know I sent you!

Finally, if lamb or authentic Ethiopian food is what you crave, you must check out Red Sea Ethiopian & Mediterranean Restaurant on Greensprings Highway. The lamb shank will melt in your mouth and it does not have a gamey taste to it. The red beets are truly my favorite side.

They serve an array of vegan options including hummus, chick peas, green beans and the list continues. They also cater large events.

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