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Tacos, Pizza, Burger Sushi

Burgushi Roll from Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar

Nothing like some comfort food to satisfy a real foodie like myself. In your mind, you want something healthy, but when you see an almost 3 foot tall dish of food come out of the kitchen, that thought goes out the window!

This dish above is from the Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar. It is great for those who may not be into sushi, but loves bbq! It's topped with coleslaw, bbq in a sweet sauce that's flash fried with a mountain of shoe string potato fries called a burgushi roll...that is translated OMG, amazing, don't ask me for any because you can order your own goodness!

Now if that dish is too tall for you, maybe you want a pile high bowl of nachos from Diablo's SouthWest Grill. They're located in McCalla with tons of fresh ingredients and fresh cooked chips. They have a homemade spicy sour cream dip that I my nachos drizzled in!

Finally, there's something for the healthy eater. I learned that Ironstone Pizza Works does have some delicious healthy options. My mouth was happy but my brain quickly realized it was meatless & wasn't my usual order of mighty meat!

Check it out this weekend and let me know which was your favorite or let me take you there on the Bham Eat Drink Ride Food Tour!

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