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America's Favorite Foods: Seafood, Chicken & Burgers

Growing up in Mobile, naturally I’m a huge seafood lover. You name is fish, shrimp, crab, crawfish and the list continues! So when I got the opportunity to highlight Cajun Seafood House in Vestavia, my mouth did a few flips. Not only do they use fresh seafood, but many items they have on their lunch menu are under $9.99!

Follow their facebook page for the upcoming crawfish boils and let’s meet up for Happy Hour!

Big Daddy Burgers in Clanton, Alabama has some of the BIGGEST burgers I’ve ever seen in my life. In fact, it is served with a knife! The double patty all beef burger is so huge only the strong can finish it 1 setting. They’re also know for the “Hot Hamburgers” and a delicious meat and 3. Friday nights is also seafood night…yum yum!

Now you know a Dining Out With Comedienne Joy show would not be complete without some chicken being on the show right! Famous Fred’s in Hoover has some of the best home-style chicken tenders I’ve had in a long time. Not too much breading, not too salty with a perfectly juicy piece of sliced chicken breast. The flavor resembles what I cook at home when I do get in the kitchen. You can get the chicken fried or grilled. Famous Fred’s is only open for breakfast & lunch. But if you call ahead, you can have gatherings at the restaurant after hours or after lunch. He will also love to cater your event.

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