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Farrelly's Now Serving Lunch Specials

Farrelly's Southern Bar has been pretty popular with their amazing dinners and weekend brunch, but now they've also added lunch to the menu. So here's a word of caution, don't there if you're hangry because you start ordering & eating more than 1 item off the me because I'm a witness and hope they didn't judge me when I left.

The sanwich comes with truffle fries
Bologna Sandwich from Farrelly's Lunch Menu

One unique lunch special under the sandwich selections was a bologna sandwich, If you're from the south, you know we like it thick with burned edges. My server said it wasn't 1 thick slice but layered small slices on toasted bread. I said let me get one of those.

See the thin layers on the sandwich
Farrelly's Bologna sandwich

But then I saw the person at the next table with a bowl of collard greens and that made me say "hold up" and I struck a conversation with her about her lunch and called my server to come back because I needed some greens in my life. I finished looking at the menu and saw the meat and 2 or meat and 3. If you don't know what that is, we can't be friends! So I opted for the catfish with sweet potato casserole.

Sunday dinner on a Tuesday!
Catfish with my 2 favorite sides

Let's say I took a bite of the sandwich to check it out, but when the meat and 2 came out, I became a magician because it was now you see it & now you don't! Those greens and sweet potatoes taste just like one of my family members made it!The sweet potatoes had the right amount of diabetes in it & the greens tasted like one of the ancestors put a pinch of this and that in them. Also, the cornbread was from Scratch Blvd! The only thing that could have made the meal even better was if there were 2 pieces of catfish on the plate instead of one!

I told y'all I was hongree!!!
It was just that good!

Good luck going back to work after eating a hearty lunch like this. I know I just wanted to sit ina corner rubbing my stomach! I also want to note that Farrelly's has Mon-Fri Happy Hour with $5 cocktails and appetizers. That's been a thing of the past since the pandemic. Check them out the next time you're in Hoover or wanting a great meal out with friends or a cozy date night.You can also try them out when you come on my #PartyBus Eat.Drink.Ride. Food Tour!

Near Target in The Grove


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