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Roti: The Irresistible Caribbean Culinary Gem You Need to Try in Antigua

Local about to enJOY her roti
She is about to throw down!

I had a recent visit to the Caribbean island of Antigua and learned one of their most popular dishes is called a Roti. That's a cross between a flaky pot pie crust stuffed with curry-filled meats. Your options are chicken, seafood, conch & beef. You can get it super-sized, but I don't know how one person could eat all of it!

Roti King's Regular size roti
Chicken Roti
Roti King's Menu Board
Check out the varieties

Check out the regular-size roti from the Roti King that I shared with one of my travel agent friends.

The Roti King is located near the cruise terminal in St. John. So if you're going to Antigua by boat or plane, you definitely want to please your palate with a Roti!

This is the BEST roti in Antigua
The Orginal Roti King

 Now if you're interested in learning more about the chill destination spot, you can also check out my review of The Verandah Resort and Spa where we stayed. If you go & I don't book you, bring me back some of those ribs!

If you have a destination in mind, I haven't been to, let me know as it may be coming soon or I can research it for you!


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