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Vacation In Pure Luxury

Have you ever dreamed you could vacation like the rich and famous? Well, I recently booked a 1 day stay to get a taste of the good life and it is truly another level when you stay at the Palafitos Overwater Bungalows in Mexico. It's about 20 minutes from the Cancun airport.

The Private Pool Vibes #Whew

These are the least expensive overwater bungalows closest to the US., but it doesn't lack anything in luxury. It's an Adults Only property with up to 2 guests in each suite. They offer regular suites, Elite which comes with 4 bottles of liquor varieties and of course the Presidential Suite which has 2 beds. It's fully air conditioned, with a gigantic jacuzzi, indoor and outdoor shower and balcony so you enJOY the breathtaking views.

You know I'm a foodie, so it was mouthwatering breakfast on my balcony, lunch & dinner where you could eat outside overlooking the water, indoors or at a private overwater area and meals on the beach with endless drinks.

 I know you were asking about can I walk out into the ocean...duh of course you can. The water is not deep and I can't swim. It was incredible. I saw some fish swim through. You can even lie in your lounge chairs and build up the courage to walk in there like I did:) My favorite spot was the private pool! It's a whole new flex for me. I only stayed for one day so I could experience it after visiting twice on previous travel agent trips. That one night stand made me angry as I needed at least 5 days but 3 at the least as luxury cost.

Speaking of "how much Joy" everything depends on when and how long your stay is. So an estimate is $800-$1100 per person per day, but the value and amenities are so worth it. Trust me, I'm going back again to bask in pure JOY. If you want to know more information or ready to book, please email me

Now, if the Palafitos is not for you or your wallet, I have plenty more destinations in mind for you! I also hope you will join me in Mexico in December for the Palafitos sister property El Dorado Royale. It's Adults Only, but a very affordable price. They offer the same great food, pools, beach and every room has a jacuzzi tub!


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