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Mardi Gras Eats Only in Mobile

If you’re going to be visiting the Port City soon, there’s lots of great places to eat in Mobile besides seafood. This week I’m showing you some of the best spots thanks to my friend David Calametti with Alabama Coasting Magazine. Our first stop was for shrimp and grits at a very neat spot called The Blind Mule Restaurant & Bar.

The Blind Mule has am amazing Sunday Brunch and is also open for live music and comedy during the week.

Now if you need a hearty breakfast to get your day going or want to pick up smoked meat to go, call MeatBoss. This 42 seat dinner gets packed very quickly for breakfast and lunch. One of the breakfast specialties is a hog in a blanket. Which is bacon, patty sausage & conecuh sausage rolled in a gigantic pancake. You can also get pans of slow grilled meat and sides to go.

Finally, moonpies are the staple of Mardi Gras, but would you eat a fried moon pie or even a moon pie burger? That’s just some of the menu items at the Moon Pie General Store. Yes I’m talking about a hamburger patty, bacon & onions topped with moon pie. It was delicious as I love the #SaltySweet flavor profile. Also, another reason to celebrate is Moon Pie is celebrating it’s 100th Bd!!!

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