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Chicken Cooked Mediterranean Style, Fried & BBQ

The Mediterranean diet has long been publicized as healthy as much of the food is made with fresh ingredients and grilled. The cuisine at Eli’s Jerusalem Grill is no different. They’re very popular for lamb, chicken and beef Sharma, humus and kabobs. However, the owner Eli made a chicken schnitzel that literally melted in my mouth. Don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy the other popular items, but when I can get my favorite food cooked healthy, it really made my day.

Eli’s Jerusalem Grill not only serves plates but they also have sandwiches from sharma to Falafel. If you are unfamiliar with fafalel, it’s very similar to hush puppies but made with chickpeas and it is delicious. Eli’s has 2 locations in Birmingham. The original location is on Highway 280 in Inverness and its newest in the Pizitz Food Hall in downtown Birmingham. The 280 location offers up several lunch specials Monday-Thursday.

Pictured below are: Lamb chops over couscous and Israeli salad. Bottom picture is the chicken schnitzel with balsmati rice & Isreali salad. The owner says everyone should eat their veggies and that’s why salad comes with every meal.

When it comes to BBQ, Dreamland BBQ is one of the most iconic spots that got its start in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. But since then, it has several locations throughout Alabama. But the most popular is on the southside of Birmingham. Besides BBQ, Dreamland offers baked potatoes and chip and dip that you order with your meal or off the catering menu. Some of their other delicious sides are the okra and baked beans. Maybe Big Daddy stuck his finger in the pan because they are sweet! You can always give them a call for your next catering order. But if you live out of state, Dreamland will be more than happy to ship you some sauce and meat.

Wing-A-FIsh is a family owned restaurant nestled in the Clay Chalkville area which serves up the best wings, fried catfish, talapia, shrimp po-boys on that side of town. THey have up to 16 different flavors. Picture below is a garlic Parmesan & golden with Cajun ranch fries. For months, they only served soul food on Sunday’s but now they offer Southern-style meat & 3 everyday along with the seafood and chicken during lunch from 11:30-2. You can still catch more of the comfort foods on Sunday. They are closed on Monday’s.

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