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Summer of Joy in Orange Beach

Last year I shot a TV pilot for a food competition and got to experience how beautiful the City of Orange Beach really is. So why not vacation in my home state of Alabama right? With so many places to eat and stay, I thought I would take you to some of my favorite spots! So this week, I’m taking you on my summer vacation!

Leaving Birmingham heading to Orange beach, you come through the town of Foley, Alabama. You will see signs for a new waterpark, shopping and “Throwed Rolls at Lambert’s Cafe.” Curiosity got the best of me, so I had to stop in and learned this is a very iconic spot where they actually throw the “hot rolls” to you!

You can stop in at Lambert’s Cafe before you hit the beach! Where else can you go and get endless sides like okra & cabbage and a meal. You can also pick up some of the molasses and bring it home. Now don’t forget to bring cash when you go in as they don’t accept credit or debit cards, but they do have an ATM on the inside.

A little further down in Gulf Shores, you will see King’s Neptune on your left. They have delicious eat for a small price. You can order everything from seafood po-boys to your comfort food, plus those $2 margaritas! I hope my friend & owner Mr. Sawyer isn’t upset about me showing you guys his famous fried cheesecake, but it mouthwatering! Not sure if it’s so good because it’s taste good or because it is fried! And those bushwackers are some of the best. I need to make sure they have an uber service!

Finally, we must stop in at the iconic Flora Bama Yacht Club! Dinner there is a must as you can sit out on the water for a nice meal and drinks. The nachos were a great app. Also ask Chef Chris about his calamari! Often times because seafood is season in the area, the catch of the day changes, but one thing for sure you can always find some great eats there.

Flora Bama is also a great spot if you like to vacation with your fur baby as pets are welcome there.

If you need any size condo, please get your 10% discount by booking with Bella Beach Properties. They have condos of various sizes along the beach. Just ask for Taylor and say Comedienne Joy for your discount. I love not only the great condos but his quick customer service that’s just right for any budget.

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