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Dine Magic City Week

Everyone loves a deal when it comes to some good eats! So get ready for the premier event of the year...#DineMagicCityWeek! It's this year's Winter Restaurant Week event which I am proud to sponsor. This is where local restaurants have special meals at special prices ranging from $10-$40 starting Jan. 26th-Feb. 3rd.

Who's participating? The list is still coming in, but click on the Dine Magic City Week Tab on my webpage. Some of them are still planning their menus, but trust me, I've tasted the majority of the food so you can't go wrong!

Who doesn't love pasta? But just not any pasta. I'm talking about hand rolled pasta that is made fresh in house by none other than Chef Cliff Holt of Little Savannah! Then when tops is with his bolognese sauce, honey hush you are done done the day! I just wanted to take my crostini and sop up the sauce, but it is a fine dining establishment! So definitely, keep his dinner only option on your #MustTry list!

Up next, is one restaurant I've been telling people do not sleep on and that is Michael's Steak & Seafood in Homewood! ALL the food has been divine! Of course they are a steakhouse with the finest cuts of meat for a low price. When I tried the steak, I promise you it literally melted in my mouth! They're offering a steak and chicken picatta for #DineMagicCityWeek. Please call me when you are going! A picture is worth a thousand words & a taste is worth 2 million!

Of course, if you need something healthy until #DineMagicCityWeek begins, check out my new friends at Heat-N-Healthy. They're a meal prep company that prepares vegan, paleo and delicious low caloric meals. I've worked my way around the menu and tried the chili to overnight oats. Now if Chef Rodney would keep his back turned when I add a little more sugar!

Stay tuned next week, as I will be featuring more restaurants participating in #DineMagicCityWeek! Follow me on social media for live updates.

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