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Dine Magic City Week Preview

Monday night you can taste all the fantastic, local, delicious food I get to taste every single week when you get your tickets to the #DineMagicCityWeek #PreviewParty this Monday night at AllSouth Appliance off Lakeshore Parkway (the old Babies R Us building)! Check out the live cooking demo, music & good food while supporting the Community Food Bank of Central Alabama! Click here for your tickets which are $30 single & $55 couple.

But if you are looking for a different cooking experience, you must try #HotRock from the J. Clyde. The food there is already over the top, but when you can cook a meal on a hot brick on your table with a variety of flavored oh my! I've even added them to my #EatDrinkRideFoodTour & guests absolutely loved it!

Hot Rock from The J. Clyde

I've been ranting about the amazing food at Michael's Steakhouse for the last few months..why because it is just that good! If you are a steak fan and love a juicy steak at an inexpensive price point, then add them to your list! That steak literally melted in my mouth. For #DineMagicCity you can get a 3 course steak or chicken meal under $40. Click on the #DineMagicCityWeek tab to see your options.

You've got to have a little dessert and there's nothing like fresh kettle corn, but my favorite locally made popcorn is Naughty But Nice Kettle Korn. You can buy it online or come to one of their pop-up events. They have new flavors and even new Magic City Skyline tins. My favorite flavor is the mix as I love salty and sweet combinations.

Naughty But Nice Popcorn

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