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Helen is heaven on a plate

Everyone loves eating food that taste like grandma made it and Helen located in downtown Birmingham cooks up meals that makes you feel like you’re at granny’s dining table. The concept is a take on Chef Rob McDaniel’s family time with an open grill serving up delicious upscale bites that designed to be a shared meal.

One of the starters are these Warm Angel Biscuits served with this divine syrup butter topped with sea salt.

It’s so good, that I want a job working in the bread department. I know they make the taste into a candle I can smell the calories & not eat them!

I dined out with some friends one evening on a whim, and it has become one of my favorite high end spots that serves local food. Typically when you eat at these type of establishments you get a pretty plate. But at Helen, the portion sizes are quite generous. We had plenty to eat and leftovers.

I had the ribs. They were quite tender with a smoke flavor & well-seasoned. One of the characters of Helen is cooking on an open flame. If I didn’t mention, the food is al-la carte. I also ordered the potatoes. The bowl was full of Yukon potatoes that seemed endless.

One of my friends ordered the pork chops. Each entrée comes with 2 thin cut chops that were filled with a slow smoke flavor. Another fantastic dish paired with grilled cabbage wedges.

My other friend had my 1st love, chicken!!! Of course Joyce Farm Chicken has some of the best high quality chicken and you get a half chicken as an entrée! Protect your pieces! Also some lima beans that had some finely chopped breadcrumbs. #Yum #JoyApproved

Do yourself a favor and make a reservation or take yourself to lunch at Helen! Heck take me to lunch!!! I hope your meal is as delicious as mine. Ask to be seated in Dawson’s section! He knows that menu backwards & forth.

2013 2nd Ave N, Birmingham, AL 35203


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