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Terrill's Terrific Chicken Sammy

In the past you would expect traditional restaurants to serve what their name is...but after a pandemic & staying cutting edge, Troup's Pizza in Cahaba Heights is serving everything along with their pizza.

Most recently, they added a pork chop and collard green sandwich to the menu.

Prior to that they caught my eye with my 1st Love...fried chicken! You see this sandwich is very brunchy, but who doesn't like chicken, biscuits and syrup any time of the day!!!

In fact, it was so good I went back after the taping for a spicy sandwich. In the words of Emeril Chef Terrill "kicked it up a notch!"

Check them out for patio & spacious indoor dining 7 days a week! Never know, you may see the party bus pull up! Btw, yes they do sell pizza:) Tell me your favorite and I'll tell you mine!


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