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Chopt is HOT & cold!

Although I am a true chicken lover I do love fresh veggies which I assumed that’s what Chopt was. You know, an all fresh made salad in a tiny bowl with a BIG price tag!

Boy was I wrong. As I approached the counter at the Summit location I saw a few pots on a warmer, so I inquired only to learn there’s a hot side. So, I opted for the Chicken Tinga.

It is a Mexican bowl with warm grain rice drizzled with an avocado dressing. Then comes the good part with braised chicken tinga, avocado, black beans, tortilla chips, scallions, cotija cheese, and marinated kale topped with more of the dressing which is called Mexican Goddess!

The bowl was pretty massive like the size of medium mixing bowl. For $10.50, I thought this is not bad at all, unfortunately I ate it all in one helping because it was just that good! But at 700 calories per the website that’s still a win!

I am definitely looking forward to trying out some more of their salads. Check them out in the Summit in the old Johnny Rocket’s location. The salads are #JoyApproved so #EatLikeMe


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