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Taste of Birmingham this week

This is my favorite time of the year when all of the big food events kick off and the Taste of Birmingham is no different when you can eat from 20 different restaurants under 1 roof plus great music by the Birmingham Boys Choir!

Today I got a preview from JoJo's On Broadway in Homewood with his slow cooked Reuban sandwich and onion rings. Yeah they filled up an entire plate and this is a normal portion believe it or not. It's a red onion that's dipped in a beer battered and fried golden brown. It has an extra sweet crispy flavor.

Reuben Sandwich & slaw

Now the sandwich is a tender corn beef has been marinated nearly 24 hours that literally melts in your mouth. But these are his items sold in the restaurant because he's making gumbo for the Taste of Birmingham. Of course, it takes longer to cook so it wasn't ready for taping. I've eaten at JoJo's a few times and Ms. Carolyn has not disappointed me yet. I'm waiting for her to invite me to church when they're serving food for some more of her items. I might even become a member!

Of course, you must have dessert at the Taste of Birmingham so the ever popular Nothing Bundt Cakes will be serving up moist bundt samples. When you visit them in Hoover or at the Summit you can get the sweet treats in mini's, 1 serving or 2 different cake sizes in about 10 flavors. Hope to see you there this Tuesday, August 21st from 6-9 at Haven in Birmingham.

Mini's Nothing Bundt Cakes

I got to try owner John Burgess favorite which was a white chocolate raspberry. It was not too sweet, very moist and a great replacement for your Sunday communion cracker! One of my favorite flavors is season and it is the mint and chocolate bundt cake. I wonder if Christmas will come early this year???

Hamburger Steak

If you're looking for something more hearty as you dine out this weekend, stop in at Jake's Soul Food Cafe in McCalla which is their newest location. I've been going there for years eating their chicken jerk and fried, but their salmon patties and hamburger steaks are about to give them a run for the money. McCalla is their 2nd location which is off exit 1 off 459 in the Letson Farm shopping center and also in Hoover off 150.

Salmon patties at Jake's

Finally, if you haven't heard the news, I have my own #PartyBus for my Bham Eat Drink Ride Food Tours. On August 30th, I kick off my first Brewery Tours (insert cheers here!)

Eat Drink Ride Party Bus

One of the stops is Interstellar Ginger Beer Company in Alabaster, AL. I am NOT a beer or ginger fan, but this ginger beer at Interstellar is EVERYTHING! It's tricky because it taste like a light summer drink similar to a Mello Yellow, but it has more alcohol than most beers and it will truly sneak up on you! Their signature drink is First Contact and after a full glass of this, you will need my party bus to get you home!

UFO Flight from Interstellar 5 samples

They also have Cabrones food truck on sight most night serving his signature tacos and other Mexican food which is de-lish-us. Very authentic and will leave you wanting more!

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