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Melt In Your Mouth Comfort Food

The one thing I hate is having to fight with my food. You know when you eat some ribs and the meat is so tough you need dentures. That is not the case when you eat the ribs at Rusty’s Bar BQ in Leeds, Alabama. The low and slow cooked ribs, literally falls apart after one bite. And if you are a saucy person, he has array of his homemade sauces ranging from sweet, spicy and his white sauce.

If you don’t like pork in your diet, be sure to check out his lemon rubbed smoked chicken. It is just as tender as the ribs. The sides are amazing from beer battered onion rings to his grandparents desserts. He’s about 3 miles off the Leeds exit.

One stop on my food tour that had guest raving about for 3 hours was the delicious authentic Puerto Rican and Cuban foods from Miami Fusion Café. The husband wife owner makes the most delicious sweet plantains, crunchy Cuban sandwiches and my new favorite dish mafago. OMG, I was almost afraid to try it as I remembered Fred Sanford wouldn’t eat it! But is my favorite dish of all time. You must check them out for lunch Monday through Sat or dinner on Friday nights that is BYOB!

Finally it is almost time for the Middle Eastern Food Festival. Volunteers have cooking and preparing for the 4 day festival. They made over 3 thousand grape leaves, spinach pies and other authentic middle eastern dishes, The event is free but there’s a charge for the food. There will be vendors, church tours and live music for the kids and adults. The festival also includes a drive thru for those who do not want to get out of the car.

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