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The BEST of Dining Out

First I need to say new shows are in the works as new spots all over town is opening up. I get the statement, Joy I love your show, but I'm ready to see some new shows. I got you!!! Since it is the end of the year, I did want to bring you some of the BEST of since I've been doing the show. Some spots are still open while 1 has since closed. I've met locals who've are now celebrities like Mayor Randall Woodfin aka Mayor #Bae & Trent Richardson!

Before he was Mayor Randall Woodfin

As I love to showcase my locals, please check or call to see if their open during the holiday season before trying to enjoy a wonderful meal as I have. Up the road is Green Top BBQ, obviously because the building has a green top, but the smoked meats that's cooked on the inside is where it's at. The building is still in it's original state still family owned & operated in Jasper, Alabama.

If you want to eat healthy before New Year's, I've been telling you about Delta Blues Hot Tamales on the southside of Birmingham. They have some of the best gluten free food I've ever tried. Now y'all know how I roll...good ole southern cooking is where it's at! But I do eat there when the camera is not rolling. That darn grilled corn & wings will definitely be debuting itself again in 2019.

I even took a stop in T-town for a good burger at Burger-Fi. The burgers are so good, they have their name inside the bun! One of their famous burgers is where you get breakfast on it, better known as the bad burger for Breakfast All Day!

Who knew this TV show would land me to doing a food feature with Trent Richardson which is about to be making a comeback in Birmingham football when I featured Alabama's famous Ezell's Catfish Cabin. Unfortunately, the only location that is still open is the original location in Butler, Alabama. But a little known fact, I waited 6 hours to meet the owner Agnew Hall to ask him to be featured on my show & got featured on Andrew Zimmerman's Show "Bizarre Food" in Birmingham!

Trent Richardson (I want a do-over!)

Finally, the burger you can't get anyone and the one you can only once a year was from Jersey Boys in Bessemer, AL. This contains 2 grilled cheese sandwiches wedged between a burger. It was good to ya although it wasn't good for ya...unless you asked me!

Thanks so much for making it another great year! Keep watching and getting on that Bham Eat Drink Ride Party Bus so I can take you there!!!!

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