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Brunch, Boozy Shakes & The Godfather

I love trying unique foods and dishes & most people always have room for ice cream! What about a ice cream & beer! Yep I want to introduce you to the boozy shake from Lucky Cat Rolled Creams where you can get a coffee beer float as well as one made with m favorite sake, the Mio float!

Boozy Shake from Lucky Cat (Coffee Beer Float)

Of course you can still stop in for some rolled ice cream for dessert made with dairy or all fruit! Now if you're thirsty like me, just grab a beer or wine.

Olivia's Transit Cafe in downtown Birmingham is serving up her weekend Brunch with mimosas! During the week she has an array of lunch items from burgers to even a meat and 3. If it's been a long day at the office, you can not get frustrated with traffic by having an after work cocktail.

Godfather's Pizza is back!

I've always loved Godfather's Pizza since high school, but I recently I found out I can have hot wings and Godfather's Pizza as they have a buffalo chicken pizza and the wild wild west. Both are not pizza sauce based but has an amazing flavor.

Try it for yourself and let me know if that buffalo sauce was spicy!

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