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Mexican, Ethiopian & Shots

Usually when you think of Mexican foods it's tacos and burritos, but at Magaronas Cantina Restaurant off Lakeshore Parkway, they have hungry man dishes such as steak and shrimp dishes paired with a side of grilled veggies that are mouthwatering!

One of their most popular dishes is the rice deluxe which is covered in warm creamy queso under a bed or rice with a side of shrimp or chicken. Obviously they have weekly margarita specials which comes frozen or on the rocks and on the weeks you can save on the variety of flavors such as peach, mango & watermelon.

Margarita on the rocks

Red Sea Ethiopian & Mediterranean Restaurant serves authentic dishes which is great for vegetarians. This is the 2nd restaurant that has served me beets and I love them. When I take guests by on my food tour, I make sure they not only try but eat their beets. I loved getting them paired with their tender lamb that is highly seasoned without the gamey taste. Of course, the meal isn't complete without the Ethiopian bread called injeria. It is right up my alley as I can eat with my hands!

Finally, I'm about a healthy dish if it taste good! So I simply love the acai bowls from Farm Bowl in Homewood. My favorite is the Nutty Professor which has oats, strawberry, peanut butter and honey. But typically what can give you that energy boost is one of their shots which ranges from FireBall to WheatGrass. I learned the hard why that if it has the word grass in it, it probably taste like grass! Bon appetite!

Nutty Professor Acai Bowl

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