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PoBoys, Deviled Eggs & Mexican Big Bites

When I think of the English Village community, I think more fine dining, but my friend Trey McLemore has made comfort food cool in the upscale neighborhood with his southern classics such as buttermilk cornbread soup.

I love the cornbread, collard greens & deviled eggs. Let my friend Trey serve you up some delicious comfort food or an amazing drink!

Mexican Spaghetti

Can you believe you can actually get some spaghetti from a Mexican restaurant??? I didn't until I went to Baja Californina Grill in Hoover. They put their own twist on the popular dish, plus you can also get some of their other authentic bites. You must come hungry as the portions are too big for me!

PoBoy from Seafood King

Finally, everyone loves fresh seafood, so check out the steam bags and the new PoBoy sandwich from the Seafood King in Hoover which is their newest location. It is devine. Go spicy or go home when you get the King's Blend. They also have the bar locked & stocked.

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