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Season 2 Premiere 'Chicken & Soul Food'

Thanks for tuning in to the return of Dining Out With Comedienne Joy in my new time slot & station. Football rules the TV sets in the fall but I needed a home that I can bring you the #GoodEats every week. Which was your favorite episode today???

Did you know YOU can dine in at Redeaux’s Cafe in the basement of Birmingham’s City Hall for breakfast or lunch Monday – Friday? They give you generous portions. The menu changes daily but Thursday is always #SoulFood day. If you want something light, they also have salads or a baked meat entree.

Jakes Cafe SoulFood in Hoover is serving up #SoulFood & Caribbean Food under the same roof! The food is always flavorful and generous portions. My favorites are the jerk and fried chicken wings, the coconut shrimp, greens and sweet potato casserole are my #musthaves. Check them out Tuesday-Sunday in Hoover off of Hwy 150 behind Wells Fargo and Mercedes.

Finally, Trophy Wings has wings and some incredible Philly Cheesesteak fries Tuesday-Saturday, but on Sunday the gas station restaurant is transformed into a #SoulFood Mecca. You can get your favs like Greek Chicken, Hamburger Steak, Ribs, Chicken and Gravy, potato salad, mac & cheese, collard greens & banana pudding. They too have a healthy menu like a grilled chicken salad. Trophy Wings is located in the Shell Gas Station on Hwy 78 in Lincoln, AL.

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