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Non-Traditional Christmas Catering Meal Ideas

Most people are opting to leave the cooking to the experts when it comes to Christmas Dinner. So if you are tired of the same holiday foods like turkey & ham, why not step outside the box or take a recipe from the side of the box with my friends from at Krystal.

I didn’t know you could make stuffing out of Krystal burgers either. But the stuffing was very good and needed a side of cranberry sauce. The pecan makes the perfect dessert and of course decorating the box making a gingerbread house is a great way to spend time with your little one’s.

Of course I was super stoked to be able to eat my favorite thing…chicken from Church’s Chicken! The holiday bundle has everything you need: chicken, 2 sides, biscuits and peppers! I’m not sure what it is about Church’s Chicken that makes you crave a pepper, but maybe it’s the salted flavor with that honey biscuit. You can get this meal until Saturday evening at 5 pm.

Finally you may want to leave Santa a little bbq from Dreamland BBQ Birmingham when he comes to visit you! BBQ goes well no matter what holiday it is and Dreamland has been around nearly 60 years so they know a thing or too about smoking some good meat. They also have a catering side that includes house made crunchy potato chips, killer onion dip, sliced smoked sausage or a tailgating package with ribs and of course white bread to dip in Big Daddy’s BBQ Sauce.

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