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Birmingham's Best Oxtails

I’ve heard many people say they can’t find any good oxtails. My response “You should hang with me!” Comedienne Joy knows where all the good eats are. This week’s show features 2 places to get delicious beef tails. In fact at Tillie’s Cafe the oxtails were so good, I wanted to drink the gravy from the pot and put it over some rice.

Check her out. They’re opened Tuesday through Sunday for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They offer daily specials with a meat and 1 or 2. Tillie’s Cafe is on Minor Parkway in a mini shopping center with the Texaco. They can also cater your next event.

Apple Dumpling Restaurant in the Palisades shopping center is also another great place to get some delicious comfort food. Although the name comes from it’s signature home made dessert, the apple dumpling. it has a rotating daily menu including meatloaf, oxtails, fried chicken, liver and rice plus so much more. The candied yams as I said in the video has just the right about of diabetes in it for your palate.

Finally, since the show Dining Out With Comedienne Joy comes on at an earlier time, you are probably hungry for breakfast. You can stop in right now to the American Ranch House in Helena on Hwy 52 for a hearty cooked to order breakfast. They serve everything from omelets, pork chops and eggs, and home made biscuits for one or then entire family. American Ranch House is located 4257 County Rd 52 Helena, AL 35080. Mention Comedienne Joy for 10% off your meal!

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