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What Goes With Camel Burgers? Frios Pops & Warm Scones

If you’re not a beef fan, but enjoys a good burger how about one made with camel? As I was scouting for somewhere to spotlight for the show I came across “Camel” on the menu at a new burger joint.. So the general manager at Twisted Root Burger said try one, I thought ok an prayed I didn’t get any humps in my back! Guess what it was delicious and taste like a beef burger. It didn’t taste like game meat at all. I would highly recommend it.

Topped off with that maple bacon milkshake was a dream come true. Check out Twisted Root in Vestavia as it’s the only location in Alabama. I’ve also tried the buffalo burger an it is just as good!

After trying a fresh baked scone from Wooden Spoon Bakery, I have a new appreciation for the sweet treat. They literally melt in your mouth and comes in many varieties. Wooden Spoon also has some amazing brownies, sandwiches for your football parties and an assortment for a grit bar which I had chili powder in my grits. Sounds crazy but taste good!

Finally Frios Pops are gourmet popsicles made here in Alabama with all Alabama fresh fruit. I have been eating them since the location opened in Alabaster and have never had a nasty pop yet. You can book the truck to come to your church event, family reunion and even pass them out at your wedding while the wedding party is taking pictures. How sweet is that! Right now they even have some of favorite girl scout cookie flavors!

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