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Late Night Eats and Weekend Treats

Many people go to local bars for the brew, but I go for the amazing food! The J. Clyde on Cobb Lane on Birmingham’s Southside is known for its wide variety of one of a kind beers, but did you know their kitchen stays open until 1 am?? They are ready to serve you hot and fresh burgers, mac & cheese along with Fatso bread pudding!

You can check The J. Clyde’s 10 Year Celebration today at noon which is $30 for the 10 cask of beers, plus the anniversary food specials.

Mark your calendar for next Saturday for the St. Elias Lebanese Food & Cultural Festival which will be at St. Elias Church near the UAB area. Last year I made grape leaves and I know you loved the way I made meat pies! I hope you get to eat the one I made!!!

Now if you’re looking to fill up now, head on over to Tuscaloosa to Burger-Fi. You know a burger has to be good if their name is on the bun!!! Also cool off with one of their shakes.

Next time you’re in Montgomery, Alabama you MUST make a stop in at Brenda’s BBQ. They’re known for their Pig Ear sandwiches, but I love love love the bbq and the potato salad. Please bring me a plate back! I got $10 to repay you!

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