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The Big Nasty, Grilled Cheese & Seafood

If you love an incredible burger and a UAB Blazer fan, you will definitely enJOY the entire menu at Chris Z’s in the Lakeview District in Birmingham, Alabama. Chris Z’s specializes in burgers, sandwiches & a gigantic breakfast called “The Big Nasty.” It gives you every meat off the breakfast menu. You will get full if you can finish it all, but I’m not promising you will do much after breakfast!

Outside of the friendly staff, the other thing I loved about the food at Chris Z’s was the consistency of the food. He used very simple products to make something taste soooo delicious! Chris Z’s is only open for breakfast and lunch Monday-Saturday.

Curiosity got the best of me when I saw this new spot called Thirstea, however the “t” was turned backwards. I went inside and notice the pictures on the walls were glasses of different tea resembling a Thai tea with black eye-ball looking items in it. After speaking with staff, I learned those were bubbles which makes bubble tea. They come in many different flavors & colors, but the taste blew me away. So if you prefer a creamy tea or something more traditional like a green tea, you should stop in at Thirstea. Also their grilled cheese sandwiches are the real deal! Thirstea is located on the corner of Hwy 280 & Valleydale Road next to Planet Fitness.

Finally, if you like soul food, sandwiches or seafood & you’re in Bessemer, Alabama you’ve got to stop in to Destiny On The One. It is nestled away off Dartmouth Ave, but the food taste like mama made it. That’s because the owner Burton Hammond uses recipes he saw his mom used and adds his special flavor to the food. They specialize in soulfood to sandwiches to seafood to almost anything you have a taste for. Not only are you in store for a great meal, but some good company by the official greeter better known as Bay James. Destiny On The One is open Sunday through Friday for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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