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Birmingham Restaurant Week 2017

Birmingham Restaurant Week officially kicked off yesterday and I got the chance to sample a few of the locals special deals. I had everything from #NashvilleHotChickenSliders to jerk chicken. My first stop was at Eugene's Hot Chicken. I've been following Eugene's since he was a pop-up shop with lines out the door for his spicy Nashville Hot chicken. Now he has a food truck and a brick and mortar and his lines are still out the door!

Nashville Hot Chicken Slider
Warm Club Combo from Olivia's

4 Rib bone potato salad, beans & cake

Jerk Chicken cabbage peas & rice Yehman's

This year more than 70 restaurants are participating in #BRW all across the Magic City. Besides discounted meals, there will also be special events such as Wine-O-logy & Harvest Brunch that will also be happening. Please go to Birmingham Restaurant Week for the full list and menus. Also follow me on social media for daily updates.

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