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Birmingham Restaurant Week 2017

Birmingham Restaurant Week officially kicked off yesterday and I got the chance to sample a few of the locals special deals. I had everything from #NashvilleHotChickenSliders to jerk chicken. My first stop was at Eugene's Hot Chicken. I've been following Eugene's since he was a pop-up shop with lines out the door for his spicy Nashville Hot chicken. Now he has a food truck and a brick and mortar and his lines are still out the door!

If the sliders don't fill you up, you can always order whole pieces of chicken from the regular menu. FYI-the sides to get from Eugene's are the collard greens and potato salad. Please call me to eat with you!

Nashville Hot Chicken Slider

If you feel like taking the bus to avoid the construction in downtown Birmingham, get off at the main terminal at Olivia's Transit Cafe. Olivia used to be located downtown, but now has moved to Morris Avenue next door to the Max Bus Terminal. She serves breakfast and lunch. Her lunch consist of soup,

sandwiches, pizza and a meat and 2 Monday though Friday. For BRW she's serving a very large Club combo, chips, dessert and drink for $10.

Warm Club Combo from Olivia's

This year, some restaurants in the 4th Avenue District are also participating in BRW. Magnolia BBQ and Fish will be serving their Grandma Magnolia ribs, 2 sides, pound cake & soda for $10. They also serve fish, burgers and pulled pork. If you don't feel like trying to find a parking space, just give them a call and they will deliver it to you!

4 Rib bone potato salad, beans & cake

If you want some authentic Jamaican food, then a block down on 4th Avenue North is Yehman Caribbean Restaurant. You can stop in and hear some Caribbean music and beverages along with authentic eats from goat to curry chicken. This week you can get jerk chicken, cabbage & peas and rice for $10.

Jerk Chicken cabbage peas & rice Yehman's

This year more than 70 restaurants are participating in #BRW all across the Magic City. Besides discounted meals, there will also be special events such as Wine-O-logy & Harvest Brunch that will also be happening. Please go to Birmingham Restaurant Week for the full list and menus. Also follow me on social media for daily updates.