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Pizza worth burning your mouth

Some of the best tasting food is food that’s been cooked on the same grill for years & years. I think the same is true when it comes to pizza ovens. Davenport’s Pizza in the Mountain Brook community has been around since 1964. The family owned pizza palace can be seen rolling out fresh dough as soon as you walk inside. I almost burned my mouth taking a bite of the thin crust pizza because I couldn't wait for it to cool! Here’s my 10 ten things that make Davenport’s stand out as a one of a kind pizza.

Davenport's Pizza Palace in Mountain Brook

Large 15 inch Meat Lover's Special

1. Each thin crust pizza is hand tossed to the correct size and filled with fresh ingredients daily. When I say fresh, I mean exactly that. The sausage is bought locally but gets its flavor from the secret ingredients made in house by the owner. I wonder if she will tell me one of her ingredients?

Fresh made Italian sausage

2. When you order a pepperoni pizza, they put the circles on the bottom of the pizza instead of the top.

Pepperoni Pizza

3. Instead of using some shredded cheese in hopes of every piece getting some, Davenport’s uses high-end cheese slices with home-made sauce.

Cheese slices

4. Their salads are pretty huge and come with an house made Italian dressing full of authentic flavors. Now if Italian is not your thing, they do have other commercial brand options.

Salad w/ house made Italian dressing

5. All pizzas are cut into squares opposed to slices. I think this makes it easier to share. I’m not a big fan on sharing food that so delicious, but I did save a few squares for my family.

Pizza squares

Pizza cut in squares

6. Not to tell my age, but if you love pizza and old school video games such as Ms. Pac Man & Frogger, then put Davenport’s on the top of your list. I hope you get a babysitter in case you forget about your kids while playing!

7. The menu is on a pizza paddle

8. They have a wall of fame as being voted Birmingham’s Best since the 2000’s

Wonder if I can make the Wall of Fame?
Signed my pizza top!

9. Part of the restaurant is sitting on the original location. They have expanded since its inception to serve all of their repeat customers

10. The original owner Rex Hollis who thought the south should have a taste of some great pizza named the restaurant after Jim “Peanut” Davenport, who was a professional baseball player with the San Francisco Giants. They grew up together in Siluria, AL.

If you don’t believe me about the mouthwatering pizza at Davenport’s Pizza Palace, call me so I can eat your leftovers. You can dine in or carry out. If you are not a meatarian like me, they offer a veggie pizza.

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