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Healthy Eats & Sweet Potato Pies

The newest trend in food is meals-to-go! It's convenient, no dishes to wash, no grocery shopping. What's even better about Fit Five Meals is all their meals are under 500 calories and taste GREAT! You can get meals that includes steak to fajita wraps and turkey meatballs and pasta.

You can pick up your Fit Five Meals to go in any Elite Nutrition in Birmingham or Overtime Grill in Homewood off Lakeshore Parkway.

Now make plans to attend this year's Middle Eastern Food Festival. It is 3 days of eating delicious, authentic Middle Eastern dishes like kibbee, meat pies and even spinach pies. I even got a chance to make my own spinach pie for the event. Plus, There will be dancing and church tours. Mark your calendar for Sept. 14-16th at Saint George Melkite Greek-Catholic Church 425 16th Ave S. Birmingham, Alabama. If you order $75 or more, they will deliver your meal to you!

Now it's almost that time of the year where everyone will be chowing down & looking for some sweet potato pie. Chances are it's hard to find a pie that taste better than your grandma's unless you make your way to JaWanda's Sweet Potato Pies in Birmingham on Valleydale Road near Highway 280. Not only are JaWanda's Sweet Potato better than your Big Mama, but they also come in 14 different flavors. From orginal to chocolate to my favorite "surprise" which has a pecan praline topping under sweet potato & orange cream cheese pie on a graham cracker crust. OMG, so many incredible layers of flavors. There is also a gluten free pie for those who has celiac disease.

Besides the sweet potato pies, Jawanda's also have an amazing crusty pound cake and peach cobbler that will make you slap your mama and dare her to hit you back! Most pies are made as mini's but you can order any of them in 9 inch size.

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