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Hamburgers are KING in Montgomery

They're opened 7 am-2:30 pm serving only breakfast and lunch, but I tried to beat the lunch rush for a burger, but many customers had the same idea I had. Hamburger King uses fresh meat that is hand rolled cooked on the grill. It's a no-frills burgers that come with lettuce, tomato, onions, ketchup, cheese & mayo. So there's no bacon unless you come during breakfast.

Fully Dressed Burger from Hamburger King

No other fancy stuff on the burger like fried eggs, mushrooms or fancy cheese you will find at Hamburger King. But what you will taste is a true flavorful piece of grilled patty. All of the burgers are cooked the same way...well done and delicious! Hunter asked me how did I like my burger, and I showed him the empty tray it came on and asked what did he think?

My tray that my burger was on

No the cool thing about Hamburger King is when you get your burger to go, these white bags are what they write your order on.

To go orders at Hamburger King

Now if you ate in like me, they write of the orders on 1 bag like this and you are given a number. This stands for Cheese Burger All The Way!

Walk in orders

Besides the burger flavor at Hamburger King, you will also see the original manual cash register.

The orginal cash register bottom left

They do not accept debit or credit cards, but they do have an atm machine inside the eatery.

Parking by the building is tight, but there's a lot across the street and they have a walk-up window. There's no french fries or fryer in the eatery but lots of chips for your side item.

It's definitely a #MustTry burger when you're in the Capitol city! They also have a 2nd location on Troy Highway in the Sikes & Kohn building. Hamburger King is Central Alabama's top burger spot by the Alabama Cattlemen's Association Bama's Best Burger Competition.

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