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Breakfast Burger on 231

Who says you can't have your breakfast and your burger too? When you stop at "Our Place" in Ozark, Alabama you can. The popular retro diner has been around for a while serving up amazing local food, but now it's under the ownership of Tyler Wright who believes every successful restaurant needs two ingredients to survive: well seasoned food & great customer service.

Our Place located on 231 in Ozark, AL

I was surprised to see he walked around and greeted all of the customers. He really made you feel like you belonged to Our Place.

Feeling at home at Our Place

Since it was just before lunch when I arrived, I thought I needed to see what all the hoopla was about the Bacon Egg Cheese Burger. You can get any side with it. My server asked if I wanted grits which I thought was an unusual side with a burger. She said some like it with the bacon and eggs. I read the side items and spotted another southern staple...fried green tomatoes. Since I'm watching my weight, I got a glass of water with lemon. Don't judge me! I'm skinny on the inside!

Bacon Egg Cheese Burger

Once my burger arrived, I saw a big tall burger with a sweet sour dough bun. This is how big it was before I added the lettuce, tomato, pickle & onion. After I added those, I was trying to figure out how to bite it. It was a big juicy well flavored burger. The sweet bun really set that burger apart by giving it an additional layer of flavor. The fried green tomatoes were a nice generous size and battered in a flour base which were also very tasty.

After I checked a few emails, I looked out the window again and the parking lot was FULL! Tyler says it's always very busy during lunch and dinner.

The menu consist of traditional breakfast items, a variety of burgers, salads and southern meals like country fried steak.

They also get lots of tourist as it's on the main road to beach on 231 about 20 miles from Troy. Just look for the pink Volkswagen in the ground!

Landmark for "Our Place on 231 in Ozark

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