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Holiday Eats

With the holidays right around the corner, your're looking for a good deal on your presents and something to eat so you can continue shopping. So if you're looking for a delicious lunch on a budget, you must dine in at Michael's Steak and Seafood in Homewood, Alabama. I remember the popular steakhouse as being over priced and not so good food, but now they have new owners and I'm a fan for life. Not only because the lunch prices are affordable but the food taste divine!

Be sure to not only check out Michael's for lunch, but for their weekly wine dinners and other special events.

Hamburgers are one of the most popular sandwiches and if you are looking for the BEST burger in Bama, then you need to head to Jasper, Alabama to Black Rock Bistro. They won the Alabama Cattlemen's Association Bama's Best Burger Awards. The heavy weight burger comes with a bug hand patty burger, pimento cheese, fried green tomatoes and Bama mayo.

Bama's Best Burger aka The Alabama Burger

It's a pretty hearty, man sized burger that taste really great when a hot patty comes in contact with cold pimento cheese. All burgers are cooked to order. If you're coming for lunch, get there early because the place packs out fast!

Rotisserie Turkey Meal from Cowboy Chicken

Finally, if you are tired of a dry turkey for Christmas, then try a rostissre turkey from Cowboy Chicken. They not only makes juicy, crispy, rotisserie chicken, but they also make rotisserie turkey. Imagine eating a flavorful turkey with crispy skin for Thanksgiving and the week after. With this low price rotisserie turkey package, Cowboy Chicken is feeding a family of 4 for under a $100. You not only have more time with your family, but you can always heat it in your own dish and take all the credit when you let them do all the work. Please give them 48 hours before placing your order. Grab one of the $5.99 chicken lunch specials while you are there!

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