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Joy in the Kitchen & Wings & Wine

Most of you probably think I can't cook. Well, I can do enough to get me full, but this week I learned how to make a number of foods. I probably won't be opening my own business any time soon because I like to keep showing off new spots like Diabolo's Southwest Grill. It's Alabama's 1st location that is on Exit 1 off 459 in McCalla. They have the freshest ingredients and their own soda. Thanks to them I got to roll my 1st ever burrito!

Diabolo's is also on the food trail of my Bham Eat Drink Ride Food Tour. So make your way to the restaurant or ride with me to taste the delicious eats!

Next week, it will be time once again for the 20th annual Lebanese Food & Cultural Festival. It's a FREE 2 day event that happens at St. Elias Church. Church members prepare all the food about 4 months before the festival. This year I got to make Kaak cookies. Those cookies are made around Easter and taste like a shortbread that can come plan or with dates. So how did I do???

Finally, I wanted to show you the Wings and Wine event which was a qualifying event for chef to compete in this year's World Food Championship in November. 4 local chefs made the best wings in a mystery box competition. The winner said I had him going with his items. I was actually surprised he won after I looked in his skillet! I'm looking forward to having this competition again next year! Congrats to Brandon Burlson and thanks to Allsouth Appliance, Cadillac, & Cumulus Media.

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