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Sweet treats, pizza & Salmon croquettes

There's a new fast cook pizza pizza joint in town and & perfect for the spring as the otudoor seating is incredilble. Bird's Pizza Bar is the newest spot on the corner in the Lakeview Community. All pizzas are cooked fresh and hot in 3 minutes. All ingredients are fresh. Now some of the flavors will have you asking yourself, do I want to drink it or eat such as the Moonshine pizza. There's even a vegan option which is the Bad Hunter pizza. But the one I tried was the chicken buffalo pizza. Why? Because I love chicken!

You must order a bowl of the Bird Wings. It is a pork shank riblet that is topped with some of the best home made white sauce I've ever had, then topped with scallions. De-lish-ous.

Now many of you will be getting ready to tie the knot and may be looking for something different when it comes to wedding cakes and your treat table. How about a multi-colored wedding cake. Now if you're really on the move like myself, how about the cake in a jar made by Creations Galore and Moore, LLC.

This cake was made with peanut butter icing! Super creamy and not overly sweet! Plus I can hold the jar, drive & still enjoy all this yumminess at the same time. Creations, Galore and Moore has you covered on every type of dessert such as cake pops, dessert cups, wedding, birthday cakes and so much more!

I love to see local restaurants grow & expand. Jakes Soul Food Cafe is up & running in the McCalla area right off of Exit 1 in the Letson Farms shopping center. They still have my favorite fried chicken, sweet potato casserole and collards. But 2 things that are top sellers are the salmon croquettes and hamburger steaks. After putting my fried chicken to the side I understand. why those hand rolled double patties are customer favorites!

Stop in today for to experience for yourself. Also, if you are looking for a little Saturday night fun, hang around for their Karoake Night where usually there a cash prize for the winner. I need to working on my singing chops!

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