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Big Apps, Soul Food & Wine

Today's show will quench your thirst if you're a sake fan and love huge portions when you dine out! I had no idea sake can come flavored until I dined in at the Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar. One of my friends ordered the sake flight, which has 4 flavors and one of which is my favorite, is the apple sake which taste just like an apple jolly rancher. I went to their soft opening in the Summit in Birmingham, AL back in October was initially surprised by their gianormous dishes. One appetizer is the lobster roll. It stands nearly 3 feet tall. The flash fried, oblong cut roll that is filled with lobster, cream cheese and a bunch of other delicious creamy ingredients.

Thursday are special days at the American Ranch House in Tarrant for soul foodies who like to eat pig feet. When I saw it on the steam table, I recognized it as something familiar, then I remembered my mom would cook them when I was a kid. One customer that's her favorite day of the week is when they have the fatty textured delights on the bar. 7 days a week they offer at least 7 meat entrees and nearly 10 or more vegetables to accompany a filling meal for under $8. I got my fill on beef tip, cabbage, and candid yams & some buttered cornbread. Although it was cooked in a commercial kitchen, it taste like my mom was overseeing the cooks and it was very reminiscent of her home cooking with all of the onions and peppers that always gives food a taste of homestyle cooking.

Finally, the Alabama Wine Trail has a new addition with Corbin Farms Winery. They're located in the former Vizzini Winery in Calera and has a wide array of fruit flavored wine. From strawberry Chardonnay, muscadine, peach and my favorite Tuxedo Junction. It is a sweet red wine that has some hints of chocolate. I'm trying to figure out how they managed to put a Hershey bar in a bottle of red wine. I've added them to my Bham Eat Drink Ride Food Tours, and guests can't help but to take a bottle of it home with them.

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