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Tamales, Cajun and Caribbean

It's always excited when a restaurant celebrates another milestone as it's a very tough industry, especially in a growing foodie city. Delta Blues Hot Tamales has been cooking up their gluten free tamales for 3 years. But what sets them apart is, it's gluten free dishes that tastes delicious.

The vegan tamale was a little spicy, but because I am a true and committed meatarian I would have loved to had the pork in it. However, it were to go vegan that dish would definitely do it for me, especially that mouthwatering corn relish on & queso on top. Congrats Adam & Fawn. I can't wait to celebrate year number 4 with you all!

Miami Fusion Cafe is one of those restaurants that always keeps me excited because Luis Delgado, the chef is always cooking up something delicious. This time his beautiful wife Samantha served me up some jerk chicken, bread pudding and their version of a philly cheese steak.

The fresh bits of mango salsa drizzled over the tender grilled chicken breast made my favorite sweet & savory flavor profile say "Touch down!" The bread pudding had a little crunch on the edges which made me say ok, can I have another one! Finally the philly was a humungous sandwich that took me 2 days to finish. Whenever my stomach is past E-Miami Cafe knows how bring the Caribbean flavors to make me so no mas!

Finally, as I saw social media flooding about a new restaurant in Centerpoint, I had to take my tastebuds over to see what it was all about! Cajun Bistro is a small spot that is always packed with customers trying to their crab boil which has a crab cluster, sausage, shrimp, corn and a boiled egg in it. One customer said he brought his plate home and his wife took it, so he had to come back to get dinner for himself. If you are a shrimp and grits fan, pull up a chair as this is topped with Conecuh sausage, chicken, shrimp & queso on the bottom of the bowl and drizzled with their home made garlic sauce. It's enough for at least 3 to 4 servings.

But the runner up are those Bistro Fries which as potato wedges topped with sausage, chicken queso. You can also get it topped with seafood if you like. Let's just say it's good for dinner and re-heats well for breakfast!.

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