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Juicy Burgers, Soul Food & Drinks

There's nothing like a big, juicy, mouthwatering burger, especially when it's made with high quality meat that's served at Smiley Brother's Specialty Foods. They're a butcher shop that has meals to go, deli sandwiches & wine.

Smiley Brother's can also cater your next event with a variety of deli trays and gigantic chocolate chip cookies. Follow them on facebook for their upcoming chef dinners and cheese and wine tastings.

Centerpoint has a new soul food spot since Zatie's Southern Cuisine has opened. They have a steam table Sunday through Friday that has comfort foods like neckbones, hamburger steak & liver and onions. The mac and cheese is the owner's secret recipe that he likes to keep under lock and key. It has 7 different cheeses and is a customer favorite. You can also order grill items like wings and fried fish. Zatie's is located in the strip in front of Food Giant.

Birmingham is not only home to a variety of restaurants but bars as well. Paper Doll was formerly Tavern on 1st, but now it has a new sexy flare on the inside. They have nearly 300 drinks on the menu. The cocktails range from fresh & light like the basil smash to hot and spicy like the El Chappo!

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