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Failed Burger Challenge & Seafood

I'm always down for some delicious comfort food that comes in large portions especially when it comes to mac and cheese! But I ran into a challenge when the mac & cheese was paired with brisket chilli on a 2 pound thick sirloin burger & an egg!

That's just one of the hungry size dishes they're serving at Smokin Hot Sports Grill in McCalla, Alabama. Tuesday through Sunday, they're grilling up fall off the bone ribs and brisket that is the life of the party! The baked beans are 3 beans including traditional beans, kidney beans and red beans and they are delicious.

My favorite hands down is his Rueben which has Pepsi cola in the Thousand Island sauce.

Steam Pot from Seafood King

If fresh seafood with a spicy flavor is your thing, then you will love the #GoodEats at the Seafood King located in Homewood off Lakeshore Parkway next to the former O'Charley's & Drury Inn Suites. They offer a steam pot filled with your choice of shrimp, sausage, mussels, corn and potatoes. You can get a variety of sauces as your base. Personally the sauce is so good, I paired mine with a side of rice. And don't forget your flavored moscato! Watermelon was my top pick!

Fish from the Golden Rooster

The Golden Rooster is the only spot on Crestwood Blvd in movie theater shopping plaza that has some cooked to order fish, wings and delicious Philly Cheese Sandwiches. They do have healthy options like grilled salads with shrimp or chicken. I didn't finish my salad on TV, but it was a good treat at home!

They also offer a wide variety of sides like fried okra & fried green tomatoes.

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