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Breaking News, Joy's Dance Moves & Delicious Wine

I like to be in the know when it comes to Birmingham food & I got the scoop on one of Birmingham's most famous downtown lunch only spots where you can get fresh delicious food that taste like mama made it! So, here's the scoop...We all love Yo Mama's Restaurant lunch and her brunch, starting April 29th , you can get her breakfast Monday-Friday!!!!!

Salmon & rice from Yo Mama's Restaurant

Yo Mama's located downtown Birmingham on 2nd Ave North is popular for her chicken and waffles. Now you can get most of her brunch items for breakfast. That includes the salmon and rice, chicken & rice or pancakes.

Here's another scoop about Yo Mama's, most of her dishes are gluten free such as her chicken wings, waffles and you can get gluten free biscuits at breakfast! So be healthy and full at the same time! Don't forget her amazing one of a kind homemade syrup!

Now if you love, light & refreshing dry wines, then head to Columbiana, Al to Lewis Lakes Vineyards. They grow & produce about 5 local flavors which includes 1 white and several reds. Lewis Lakes is the perfect spot to sip on a bottle and hang outside with friends if you want something very flavorful without a ton of sugar.

Personally, the type of grapes the grow makes a perfect wine that is sweet enough in it's own juice. They're part of the Alabama Wine Trail and is opened Friday and Saturday only from 11-5, but also sell their product in a few select grocery stores such as Whole Foods on 280.

I'm learning a Lebanese dance

Finally, the last Saturday of the month is the annual St. Elias Food and Cultural Festival. For about 5 months before, hundreds of volunteers get together and prep for the 2 day community event. Not only is there authentic Lebanese food, church tours, but also live bands. This year I got to learn one of the dances. After 15 minutes, I think both my feet caught up with me!

Please support this year's festival as they give back 20% of all the proceeds back to the Birmingham community. You can find more information on facebook

St. Elias Food Festival. Just click the link for more details.

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