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Fried Chicken, Fish & Drinks

If it's some fried chicken to be found, you best believe I am on it! Gus's Fried Chicken finally made their first Alabama location right here in the Magic City. Before I actually made it to try some of the spicy bird, one of the culinary students from Wenonah High School where I've mentored in the past told them they need to link up with me! I was excited helped me to eat this delicious chicken on camera.

Thanks for telling your managers about me!
Gus's Fried chicken 2 piece

If you love spicy fried chicken with on a level 2 heat index, then Gus's Fried Chicken is for you. It is all fried in the same seasoning so there isn't a choice. It's very flavorful, but the heat slaps the back of your throat. Some of the sides that can wash it down are the cool, sweet coleslaw and crispy fried okra. One the appetizer side are the golden fried pickle spears paired with their ranch dressing. A half plate would make a good birthday present for me!

Now when it comes to some fresh gulf seafood with some over the top crawfish sauce is a few of the dishes from Wintzell's Oyster House. The mahi-mahi is delicious by itself, but that sauce takes it to another level. Of course, the main things Wintzell's is known for are their oysters. Some like it raw, but I prefer the chargrilled oyster sampler which can be a snack or an entree.

Believe it or not, one iconic spot on the southside is still serving up delicious drinks and that's the Blue Monkey Bar & Lounge! They still have Tini Tuesday for $6 along with the sidecars. But JP has a few drinks of the menu that are actually created and named after his childhood or some memory in the past. Stop in with a group or after work!

Martini with side car from the Blue Monkey

You can even hop on the #EatDrinkRide #PartyBus and I can take you there! Book your tour today at

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