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Chicken Samich & Red Curry Chicken

I'm not ashamed I am a Chickenholic! Seems like the world has gone crazy over a chicken sandwich. So if you’re traveling in the Leeds area, I found one for you inside the Shoppes of Grand River. The Frozen Rooster is new spot in the food court that serves delicious fried chicken wings, sandwiches and frozen items like ice cream, shakes & ice cream sandwiches.

I tried the garlic parm and honey bbq wings and they had a delicious flavor plus they were a nice size wing so I could really appreciate that. But the chicken could also stand up to any of the big box sandwich. It was on a nice sweet brioche bun with a thin crispy chicken breast. The sauce was a mild sauce that was drizzled with ranch dressing which was a very good combination. I love spicy foods, but it doesn’t love me back.

Hot Chicken Sandwich from Frozen Rooster

The ice cream cookies are a great way to end your meal as they warm, soft and fresh baked. You can change the combo of the cookies if you prefer. The cookies and cream was a great treat as the day of the taping it was a real scorcher.

Red Curry from Black Pearl Asisan Cusine

If you love Asian cuisine and near the 280 area, you must stop into Black Pearl tucked in the Colonnade off 280. All of their food is made fast and delicious. The owner knows my favorite dish when I walk in the door, an order of crab rangoons and orange chicken! But when I was there on a recent visit, I learned she even has Thai food. She serves up some amazing red curry chicken. The cool thing about this dish is that it is sharable and if you like you food heat hot, it’s perfect. As the pot has a candle in the bottom to keep it warm. You can also change the meat and veggies and substitute if for pork, beef or seafood.

Get ready for this Thursday starts the 3 festival starts for the 38th annual St. George Middle Eastern Foo Festival. Hundreds of volunteers have been prepping for about 6 months making homemade authentic foods such as spinach pies, grape leaves and kike cookies. The event is free, but the food cost varies and all the proceeds go back into the Birmingham community.

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