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SuperBowl Ready!

This weekend is one of the biggest weekends in professional football and that is the Superbowl. I always tell people, I don't care anything about sports, but I will show up to a party for the food! So this weekend, I'm getting you ready for the big game with your party platter from the Frozen Rooster located in the food court of the Shoppes of Grand River in Leeds. They're offering this chicken feast which includes bone in and boneless wings, fries and cookies.

Wing Platter from Frozen Rooster

The best part, if you don't feel like going to pick it up, you can order off Waitr and they'll bring it to you! This chicken is #JoyApproved!

Donatos Nashville Hot Chicken Pizza

Now if you're not feeling wings, how about chicken on your pizza? Donatos Pizza in Vestavia is making your mouth water with this Nashville Hot Chicken Pizza. Yep, it even includes a pickle to calm down the heat. Again, Donatos has a great delivery service so you won't miss one play of the game.

Cat N Bird Winery

Now you know I can't leave you thirsty. Make your way to Chelsea to Cat-N-Bird Winery. They have an array of wines from dry to sweet and even a new bubbly. So Cheers to the weekend and I hope your team wins!

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