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Urban Cookhouse Sangria Kits & Chicken Enchiladas

In case many of you have been missing my TV show, I've found a way to still bring you great local eat & still be safe.

I will be live streaming with my partners on social media. Today I spoke with Andrea Synder owner of Urban Cookhouse about their Chicken Enchiladas Dinner and Sangria Kits.

This was super easy. I just pulled into the drive thru and got my order. The pan is ready with instructions on the outside to hit on 350 for 30-45 minutes.

I heated one for our video and it was filled with flavorful shredded chicken, a delicious enchilada sauce topped with melted cheese. Andrea recommends getting some cilantro rice or the Pepper Patch Salad to accommodate make it a complete meal. I'm still stuffed from one roll. All of their meats are cooked on a Big Green Egg which gives it a very tender & moist taste. Now follow them on social media or their website for menu items as the Enchiladas have been selling out.

Of course, you need something to wash it down which is why the Sangria Kit is a huge hit with many of the adults I noticed off social media. This is also something that is on her regular menu. It is so simple to make: 1. Pour entire bottle of wine in a pitcher. 2. Pour strawberry lemonade into pitcher. 3. Dump in fruit. 4. Stir and serve over ice. 5. Repeat step #4!

What makes this Sangria so delicious is the puree that's made with fresh local strawberries. You can get this with white wine if you prefer.

Give Urban Cookhouse in Homewood a call (205) 879-0883. Stop in 1920 29th Ave S, Birmingham, AL.

If you're in Tuscaloosa 1490 Northbank Parkway, STE 110 Tuscaloosa, AL 35406 or by phone 205.561.6999.

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